James Janitorial

James Janitorial  Online is a division of IR James Associates  Limited and we are based in the Midlands  where we keep extensive stocks in our warehouse and showroom.

Established since 1992 after having had many years experience in the professional cleaning industry selling to both the public and private sector. We found that while many manufacturers supply a range of products covering the whole spectrum their speciality was actually only one or two machines, the rest being "also runs" or machines manufactured by other people and badged as their own.

Being a distributor we can offer a wide range of products that are cherry picked from the best available from each manufacturer.

Many of our customers are not specialists in cleaning and need help when confronted with a vast range to choose from. This is where we can help, there is no point in making a few pounds saving if you are buying something that is totally unsuitable for its intended task.
We can offer assistance by telephone or email.

This gives our customers the best available solutions to the many cleaning problems they come across at the most competitive prices.